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About Viganj

Viganj is famous for its maestral wind, which makes it the best spot for windsurfing in Croatia. Also it boasts 260 sunny days a year and an always warm sea. Pelješac is unique because it provides serenity and the feeling of seclusion as if  you were on an island.

Viganj is a beautiful place on the Mediterranean, ideal for enjoying a peaceful holiday, nature and recreation.only 8km from Orebic.

The population has long been involved in agriculture, fishing and, more recently, tourism.

Visit historical sites such as: the St. Ivan church (located on an eponymous hill and offers a beautiful view of the Peljesac canal), St. Ilija hill and the Nakrana village.

Viganj is rich with pebble beaches and is very popular among sports and active vacation fans, especially those who enjoy water activities (windsurfing, kitesurfing,sailing, diving…).
You can enjoy other activities, as well, such as backetball, volleyball, tennis, football, cycling… Viganj is s heaven for windsurfersand kitesurfer . It is a place where every few yards you can enjoy beach bars – it has been the favorite destination for nature and adrenalin lovers. 

In the central part of Viganj dominates Dominican monastery and church Our Lady of Rosaria , built in 1671 st. by Marko Krstelj, a local shipowner. The church is a one-nave building, and on the main altar is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The church keeps a wooden statue of Madonna with Child and a renaissance bust of a saint. On north you can find a parish church of St. Michael, buillt in Gothic period and expanded in 1760. The bay is decorated with old stone villas, houses that once were homes of famous sailors and seamen and now they are slowly reopening their doors to its guests, proud as they used to be.

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