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Wind and Kite Surfing

If you’re into windsurfing or kitesurfing, Viganj has some of the best conditions in Croatia. The village is strung out along the coast 7km west of Orebić, near the tip of the Pelješac Peninsula.
Winds pick-up quickly in this funnel-like channel between Peljesac peninsula and Korcula Island. Surfing conditions are good all year. During the summer, morning wind conditions are suitable for beginners. Summer afternoons create perfect surfing conditions for advanced and professional surfers with Maestral, a west wind, reaching an average speed of 20 knots, and sometimes up to 40 knots.
The most popular launch point in Viganj is St. Liberan, a shingle strip between Viganj and Kucisce.
There are many windsurfing schools and centers in Viganj. They offer different windsurfing classes, as well as equipment rental.

Visit fortification walls in Ston

With a length of 5.5 km, Ston walls are the longest fortification walls in Europe. Built in 14th century by Dubrovnik Republic, their main purpose was to protect town’s salt pans. Apparently the value of salt back then was equal to that of gold.

Harvest salt in Ston

Ston’s salt plans are the oldest in Europe, dating back to 14th century. Salt was the Ston’s main commodity for many years. And the main reason Dubrovnik Republic has built strong fortification walls around the town.

Eat local

Peljesac is seriously famed for its seafood, especially oysters and other shellfish. Mali Ston is the most popular place to taste this heavenly food.
In Mali Ston you can eat at Kapetanova Kuca, Bota-Sare, and Villa Koruna. These places are among the most popular restaurants on the peninsula, but they are also quite pricey. Instead you can check less touristy restaurants as Ficovic in Hodilje, or tavern Bakus in Ston.

Visit a winery

A wine tour is one of THE must things to do on the Peljesac peninsula. Plavac Mali, a local red grape variety, covers 90% of all vineyards, while other sorts include white variety Posip, and Grk. Follow the road signs reading “wine roads” to discover peninsula’s wineries.

Visit a donkey farm

Antunovic family in Kuna runs a small rural inn but also raises donkeys. A lot of them. You can arrange a visit to their donkey farm where you’ll get a chance to pet donkeys, feed them, ride them, and even milk them.
While in Kuna don’t forget to visit village’s church built in 1682.

Go scuba diving

Scuba diving is a popular activity on the peninsula. There are few shipwrecks along Peljesac coast: a ship Boka, sunk in 1981 at the depth of only 15 m; a German torpedo boat S-57, sunk near the lighthouse Lirica in 1944, and a 2000 year old Roman ship.

Hiking and Walking on Peljesac

Very popular outdoor activity around Peljesac is walking and hiking as this peninsula offers wonderful walking in beautiful surroundings that offers spectacular views over the beautiful coastline and Sveti Ilija mountain range here are a couple of well-known routes to climb Sveti Ilija – from Viganj, from Nakovana and from Orebic.
Another popular walking route is along Peljesac coast at mid-hight from Viganj via Bilopolje to Orebic.
This route is also popular among mountain bikers as it is easily accessible by mountain bike.

Climbing Sites in Viganj and Orebic

Few years ago local enthusiasts started with equipping climbing sites in Pelješac. Today we have 4 climbing areas in the part of Viganj and Orebić. Here you can find the list of the climbing sites with photos of the rocks and routes.

Ecoarcheological & Recreational Park Nakovana

Ecoarcheological camp Nakovana is situated west of Viganj. This area was continuously inhabited for more than 8000 years. In ancient times Nakovana was one of the most powerful Illyrian centers in southern Dalmatia, from which the queen Teuta ruled her kingdom. Unfortunately over time not much has left of remains of fortress "GRAD" from where Queen Teuta ruled southern Dalmatia.

Mountain Biking on Peljesac

Mountain biking, a sport of riding bicycles off-road over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes is popular Peljesac sport.
Viganj Mtb Vibes is a local guide, based in Viganj, who provides mountain bike rides through a selection of Pelješac trails. Services include mountain bike guided tours and food.

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